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Business Cards with Augmented Reality, the first impression always counts. That is why if we manage to surprise our contacts and have a good memory of our person we are likely to have more opportunities to establish a stronger relationship in the future. One of the most traditional ways to let us know and store the data of our acquaintances is through business cards

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Not only do we not allow our cards to end up in a drawer, but we also multiply exponentially that they pass from hand to hand, thanks to the WOW effect of our technology: Augmented Reality.

Tarjetas de Visita con Realidad Aumentada

Con solo enfocar con la cámara del smartphone la tarjeta de visita, los clientes podrán ver nuevos contenidos en vídeo o 3D. De esta forma acceden a contenidos multimedia como vídeos, links a páginas profesionales o de la empresa y a las redes sociales.

In addition to incorporating a video or the company logo in 3D on the business card, you can also add different links to social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Whatsapp.

¿Qué puedes incluir en tu tarjeta de visita con realidad aumentada personalizada?

  1. Tu logo de empresa en 3D.
  2. Up to 4 icons of the social networks you want with a link.
  3. Link to your personal or company website.
  4. Vídeos.
Tarjetas de Visita con Realidad Aumentada

You will be unique!

Puedes añadir fotos, vídeos, datos de contacto, enlaces a tu web… Todo ello con una interfaz  perfectamente integrada con tu tarjeta de visita para sorprender a todos.

Your app will be available for Android and Apple iOS so that no one is left without consulting your contact information.

¡Se acabó copiar los datos a mano para acceder a la red!

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