A different menu

It offers customers a different, attractive, interactive and novel menu. You will no longer have to replace letters worn out by use, avoid having to print them or cross over each time you want to make a change of letter. Get the attention of the customer and that you value in social networks.


ARMenu is an app for smartphones and tablets, based on the innovative technology of augmented reality. The app offers its customers the possibility of viewing the establishment's menu on their own device, in their own language, divided into categories and through visual information of the dish, composition, allergens and price.

ARMenu is a complement to the traditional menu, offering an additional service to the final customer.

With ARMenu the establishment does not need to make any investment in support, the client uses his own Smartphone.

It allows users to see how the dishes really are and what they are made of, in front of a cold letter with a large amount of text that, depending on the origin of the client, may not understand.

ARMenu does not suffer from wear and tear due to the deterioration of conventional cards that get dirty or spoil.

ARMenu prepares a list with the client's selection, facilitating the task of naming the dishes to the waiter.

ARMenu is 100% customizable: you can include extra information about your business, events, history or news.

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